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Milling machines, Lathes, Grinding machines, EDM machines, Presses, ect.

Here you will find advertisements of used metal working machines, such as milling machines, lathes, grinders, EDM machines, presses, etc.

An overview of the machines from this site you will find here.

   CNC-machining centre STEINEL BZ 20,
X / Y / Z 400 / 320 / 320 mm, NC-rotary table 4th Axis, Sinumerik 880 M, ISO 40, 4-fold pallet storage, 4 pallets 320 x 320 mm, speed 7100 rpm., 60-fold tool changer, chip conveyor, internal cooling supply atachment 30 bar, Pos. 7752 Photo   Inquiry
Here are the latest advertisements
digital 3 axis position display MITUTOYO
Year 1991, , Scale X: 1800 mm, scale Y: 600 mm, scale Z: 430 mm, the digital display was mounted on a Reckermann milling machine and ran smoothly until disassembled., Pos. 14947 Photo   Inquiry
universal tool-milling machine VIBOS
X: 750 mm, Y: 250 mm, Z: 470 mm, table size: 1100 x 255 mm, speed range: 60 - 1200 rpm, tool holder: SK 40 , coolant system: yes , total power: 3 kW, weight of machine: 1200 kg, , 3-axis digital display, impact head, machine vice, various holder, milling cutters, collets, etc. - see photos, higher-adjustable machine fixators, Pos. 14946 Photo   Inquiry
hydr. plate shear KAMI TKM 2500 / 12
Year 2018, stroke per min.: 16 per min, total power: 18,5 kW, weight of machine: 8600 kg, space requirement (W x D x H): 3,4 x 1,85 x 2,0 m, , NEW - largest cutting length 2500 mm, largest plate thickness 12 mm, cutting angle 1.30 °, rip fence, sheet support arms, self - adjusting backgauge, self - adjusting kerf, hold - down system with secure engagement protection, selector single or permanent stroke, high - strength hardened and ground blades made of alloyed steel, parallel guide of knifes for high cutting accuracy, all moving parts stored maintenance-free, heavy welded steel construction for great stability, factory warranty, Pos. 14942   Inquiry
universal tool-milling machine KAMI FKM 935 A - 1
Year 2018, X: 300 mm, Y: 200 mm, Z: 350 mm, table size: 700 x 280 mm, quill ram: 80 mm, speed range: vertic. 150 - 1660, horiz. 100 - 1230 rpm, tool holder: ISO 40 / DIN 2080 , coolant system: yes , total power: 3 kW, weight of machine: 1150 kg, space requirement (W x D x H): 1310 x 1380 x 1650 m, , 3-axis digital display, mounting arm for vertical milling head, chip tray, automatic feeds in X / Y / Z, counterhold for horizontal milling, drill quill can be delivered via handle, hardened and ground guideways, factory warranty, Pos. 14941 Photo   Inquiry
milling machine cnc WAGNER DPM
Year 1998, X: 745 mm, Y: 500 mm, Z: 500 mm, table size: 1370 x 355 mm, speed range: 70 - 3600 rpm, tool holder: SK 40 , control: Proto Trak A.G.E. 3 - Version 2 , coolant system: yes , documentation: yes , total power: 3,7 kW, weight of machine: 2500 kg, , can be used as a) CNC milling machine, b) NC milling machine, c) milling with active digital display, d) manual milling via handwheels with digital display, , swiveling vertical milling head, automatic tool clamping, handwheels for manual machining, Pos. 14940 Photo   Inquiry
perforating press IMS PHY 75
Year 1996, troath: 510 mm, pressure: 75 t, machine lamp: yes , total power: 5,7 kW, weight of machine: 1700 kg, , largest hole diameter 28 mm in 10 mm steel sheet - with special tool = 100 mm in 6 mm steel sheet, , footswith, Pos. 14939   Inquiry
knee and column milling machine Malick & Walkows
X: 900 mm, Y: 270 mm, Z: 550 mm, table size: 1200 x 250 mm, speed range: 35 - 1420 rpm, tool holder: MK 4 , total power: 2,6 kW, weight of machine: 1500 kg, , Vertical milling head swiveling with drill quill, coolant device, pole-changing motor, various other accessories such as holders, milling cutters, etc., Pos. 14938 Photo   Inquiry

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